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Project Description
Windows 7 Suspend/Resume Control

The purpose of this project is get around problems i've been having with Windows 7 Media Center. I have 2 problems that occur with my 7MC machine, these are:

1. "Viewer or Listener Conflict no tuners available to service your request". This occurs most times after a resume from sleep. Closing Media Center App and restarting it fixes this problem.
2. Disk space being gobbled up. This is due to multiple .tmp.sbf files in the Recorded TV\TempRec\TempSBE folder. These files never seem to get deleted by 7MC. I have fouind out that stopping the ehRecvr service clears up these files.

I want to write a utility that does sorts these this automatically when I put my 7MC machine to sleep. My proposal is to have a simple utility that will (optionally) run a batch file on suspend and (optionally) run another batch on resume.


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